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uni'wissen 01(3)-2011_ENG

Discover New Universes: The Research Portal “Surprising Science” The University of Freiburg has launched a multimedia portal to showcase new develop- ments in science and research: How is Web 2.0 changing the English language? What are the university’s robots capable of? How can moss help children with kidney diseases? The online research portal “Surprising Science” has the answers in words, sounds, and images. Many researchers in Freiburg are already contributing to Surprising Science. The portal is a great way to present complex fields of re- search like neurobiology or economics in an attractive journalistic format and make them accessible to the general public. In addition to reports on selected individual research pro- jects from all disciplines, the portal features information packages that explore a common theme from a variety of perspectives. These special features illustrate the great diversity of research being conducted at the University of Freiburg on topics that are important for our society. If you would like to be informed as soon as new media is posted on the portal, you can follow Surprising Science on Twitter, subscri- be to our RSS feed, or request to be placed on our mailing list. Journalists can use all texts, interviews, audio clips, and videos free of charge. In this way, Surprising Science is hel- ping to disseminate research findings from Freiburg beyond the borders of the region. Content Attack on the Lungs 4 Researchers at the University of Freiburg test what long-term consequences air- borne particles have for human health Right on Target 8 Political scientist Uwe Wagschal analyzed public opinion before the regional elections in Baden-Württemberg First Aid for Emotional Wounds 12 Freiburg psychologists aim to improve care for victims of traumatic events Trees under a Laser Scanner 16 Freiburg forest scientists create three-­dimensional forest models using ­remote sensing techniques A Level Playing Field? 20 Class, body, ethnicity, gender: Sociologist Nina Degele is charting the bounds of inequality in soccer Arguing Gets You Nowhere 24 Germanist Andrea Albrecht is Studying the Portrayal of Mathematics in Literature and Culture Cylinders for Cells 28 A research team from the University of Freiburg has developed microscopic coils for magnetic resonance imaging Digging for Stories 32 How Freiburg archaeologists are using fragments to reconstruct life in the ancient city of Pergamon All Grown Up 36 A Catholic welfare studies research group in Freiburg finds out what teenage parents really need 03Editon 03 | Juni 2011