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Prof. Dr. Jan Korvink studied in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South ­Africa. He earned his doc- torate at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where he sub- sequently led a research group on microsystems modeling at the Physical Electronics Laboratory (PEL). He has served as professor for simulation at the Department of Mi- crosystems Engineering of the University of Freiburg since 1997. He conducts research on methods for the inexpensive production of three-dimensional mi- crostructures, applications for microsystems in mag- netic resonance imaging, and simulation tools for ­improving the efficiency of computer-based design methods. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Wallrabe studied physics at the ­University of Karlsruhe. From 1989 to 2003 she ­researched on micro­ actuators and optical ­microelectronic systems at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Microstructure Technology. She has served as profes- sor for microactuator tech- nology at the Department of Microsystems Engineer- ing of the University of Freiburg since 2003. In ­addition to microcoils and magnetic microstructures, her research interests in- clude adaptive microoptics, such as elastic lenses and mirrors, as a supplemen- tary method for magnetic resonance imaging. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hennig studied chemistry in Stutt- gart, London, Munich, and Freiburg. After earning his doctorate in Freiburg and working for several years at the University of Zurich, he accepted a post at the University Radiological Clinic in Freiburg in 1984. He was appointed as pro- fessor at the Department of X-Ray Diagnostics in 1993 and has served as director of research at the department since 2004. His research activities range from fundamental research on methods for magnetic resonance ­imaging and related topics to product development ­involving the optimization and testing of the basic technologies for existing applications. Further Reading Badilita, V./ Kratt, K./ Baxan, N./ Mohmmadzadeh, M./ Burger, T./Weber, H./ Elverfeldt, D. v./­ Hennig, J./ Korvink, J. G./ Wallrabe, U. (2010): On-chip three dimensional microcoils for MRI at the microscale. In: Lab Chip 10/11, p. 1387 – 1390. Mohammadzadeh, M./ Baxan, N./ Badilita, V./ Kratt, K./ Weber, H./ Korvink, J. G./Wallrabe, U./ Hennig, J./ Elverfeldt, D. v. (2011): Character- ization of a 3D MEMS fabricated micro ­solenoid at 9.4T. In: Journal of Magnetic ­Resonance 208/1, p. 20 – 26. 31