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Martin would like to study, but he hasn’t decided on a major; Carolin wants to spend a semester abroad, but doesn’t know how; and Lorenz just lost his student ID card and desperately needs a new one. Each of the three needs to go to a different service department – but they are all located in one place: the Student Service Center. Students used to have to visit each service department separately to obtain the information they were looking for. Luckily, this is now a thing of the past: In May 2012 the university opened the Stu- dent Service Center, uniting all service departments for current and prospective students under a single roof: the Stu- dent Registration Office, the Central Academic Advising Office, International Admissions and Services, the Center for Teacher Education, Career Services in cooperation with the Freiburg Employ- ment Agency, the UniCard team, the Media Center, and the Scholarship Advising Service. Also located at the center are the advising services of the International Office on study abroad pro- grams and those of the EU Office on the Erasmus exchange program. The quick information desk is a central service point for all questions concerning stud- ies at the university. The team at the desk hands out brochures, helps stu- dents with general questions, and refers them to the right service department. Modern Service Desk, Soundproof Workspaces The booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. donated 40,000 euros to equip the foyer with all of the amenities one would expect from a modern ser- vice center. Among other things, the do- nations went to purchase a service counter and two computer terminals visitors can use to look up information on their own. Alumni donations also helped to pay for the installation of a telephone system for a student hotline and soundproof workspaces. “After almost half a year of operation we can confirm that the center is a real success story,” says Dr. Christina Schoch, director of the Student Service Center. “We are always happy to receive visits from alumni and introduce them to the center and all the advantages it brings.” Deputy Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz is also excited about the new center: “Consolidating the central stu- dent services was something we really wanted to do, and it is a real improve- ment for our current and prospective students. The generous support from Alumni Freiburg e.V. is one of the rea- sons we were able to afford to carry out this project.” The contribution made by alumni is evident to all visitors: A plaque hanging in the foyer thanks former stu- dents for their role in making the center a reality. Rosa-Maria Gschwendtner Central service point: The team at the Student Service Center’s quick information desk hands out brochures, helps students with general questions, and refers them to the service departments. Photo: Seeger One-Stop Service Center The University of Freiburg has united all advising services for current and prospective students under a single roof – with support from the booster association Alumni Freiburg e.V. FUNDING PROJECT: STUDENT SERVICE CENTER BOOSTER ASSOCIATION ALUMNI FREIBURG E.V. Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer (Chair), Rector of the University of Freiburg Rudolf-Werner Dreier (Managing Director), Press Relations Officer of the University of Freiburg Contact Diana Sack Phone +49(0)761/203-8814 Bank Account Information Volksbank Freiburg eG Acct. No.: 12 747 500 or 12 747 5199 Bank Code: 680 900 00 Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau Acct. No.: 14 001 600 Bank Code: 680 501 01 CONTACT DEUTSCHLANDSTIPENDIUM Michael Borchardt Student Service Center Coordination Deutschlandstipendium Phone +49(0)761/203-8833 More time to study: Students of all fields can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium. Photos: Bender, Mesenholl 15uni'alumni 2013 Alumni Network