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uni'alumni 2016

From the outside it looks dark, sometimes almost black. Collegiate Building I, the municipal theater, and the other adjacent buildings are reflected colorfully off the facade, which shoots upwards with its variously inclined surfaces and edges. From the inside, on the other hand, the impression is completely different: Sunlight streams through the many glass surfaces between the closed facade elements made of aluminum-gray perforated metal. One sees thick, light-gray walls and concrete pillars free of pictures and posters, and the floor is covered with anthracite-colored ceramic tiles. The space is wide and open: To the left is an oak information desk, straight ahead are lockers, and to the right is a cafeteria run by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg- Schwarzwald. Hanging from the ceiling are light tubes and three-dimensional signs pointing the way: to the reading rooms, to the group workspaces, to the circulation desk. The colors are provided by the books – along with the colorfully dressed visitors. The new University Library (UB) serves up to 12,000 patrons per day, twice as many as expected. “It fulfilled its function from day one: as a media and information provider and as a central place of learn- ing and communication for the entire university,” says Director Dr. Antje Kellersohn. Daily 24-Hour Service The long awaited new UB was officially opened in October 2015, after having already been in trial operation since July. The idea of opening the building The new University Library serves up to 12,000 patrons per day. Photos: Sandra Meyndt Place of Learning and Media Provider Freiburg has opened one of the largest and most modern university libraries in Europe. We take you on a tour of the new building. 4 4 HEART OF THE UNIVERSITY