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Pooling Expertise for a Stronger Profile The University of Freiburg has a new calling card: On 1 January 2013 the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences and the Depart­ ment of Earth Sciences, previously part of the Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Earth Sciences, combined to form the Faculty of Envi­ ronment and Natural Resources. Research at the new faculty focuses on fundamental proces­ ses of natural science and the resulting interplay between environment and society. The University of Freiburg is the only university in Baden­Würt­ temberg to offer a concept for research and instruction in the environmental sciences that combines natural sciences and engineering disciplines. The scientists are planning particularly close research collaboration in four fields: the sustai- nable use of natural resources; the conservation of water, soil, air, and biodiversity; adaptation to global change; and natural hazards and natural risks. The faculty will offer four bachelor’s pro­ grams, each with a broad thematic scope: Envi­ ronmental Natural Sciences, Forestry and Envi­ ronment, Geography, and Earth Sciences. The undergraduate programs will be complemented by eight specialized master’s programs and seven fields of research in the graduate school “Environment, Society, and Global Change.” The faculty is home to around 1700 students and 250 doctoral candidates. Contents A Life on the Road 4 Cultural studies professor Anna Lipphardt is investigating the consequences of long- term mobility for performing artists Biofuel from Bacteria 8 The biologist Annegret Wilde is studying whether tiny organisms can produce affordable fuel by way of photosynthesis Making It through the Gate 12 A new typology will make it possible to evaluate airport security checkpoints from an ethical perspective The Data Rescuers 16 A team at the IT Services Department helps researchers to digitally archive information and keep it available Chivalry in a Post-Heroic World 20 American studies professor Wolfgang Hochbruck is studying the behavior of firefighters during operations A Concerted Effort 24 Diana Panke is analyzing how diplomats in the UN General Assembly make political decisions A Guide to the Energy Transition 28 A research project coordinated by Freiburg researchers has produced a guide for local governments Divine Murderers, Human Heroes 32 Gabrielle Oberhänsli-Widmer traced changes in images of evil in the history of Jewish theology, culture, and thought Poisoning and Healing 36 Pharmacologist Klaus Aktories wants to detoxify bacterial toxins or use them to develop medicinal agents The Herder Building is the home of the new Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. Photo: Baschi Bender 16 012013