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uni'wissen 02-2013_ENG

Ausgabe 04 | Dezember 2011 Contents Geology in Fast Forward 4 Thomas Kenkmann simulates meteorite impact events in the lab to determine how craters form True Friends 8 The ethnologist Kathrin Sharaf is studying how the middle class in Cairo interacts on the internet Diploma for the Cell 12 Biologists are studying zebrafish to find the mechanism that triggers embryonic development Wireless, Not Clueless 16 Leo Reindl develops wireless sensors that control machines and collect information from the environment The Diaphragm Dances to the Beat 20 Films show what happens inside the body when musicians play wind instruments Treating Wounds with Bark 24 The pharmaceutical researcher Irmgard Merfort is studying how a natural substance accelerates the healing of wounds Mother Russia 28 How nation and gender are connected and why Eastern and Western Europe have trouble understanding each other From Tree to Product 32 Forest scientists are developing a method for tailoring wood surfaces to customers’ needs The Rich Lay Bombs Too 36 Günther Schulze and Krisztina Kis-Katos are investigating the economic causes of terrorism 02 2013 Yearly Report 2013: The Numbers Stand for People The positive development of the University of Freiburg cannot be represented by means of numbers alone, because the numbers stand for people and their achievements. All the same, the university would like to give you an idea of these developments in compact form. The detachable yearly report presents data and facts from the past year (1 Oct. 2012 – 30 Sept. 2013) The Yearly Report 2013 of the University of Freiburg should be attached to this page. The report is also available on the university website: