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uni'wissen 01-2014_ENG

Contents The Other Blue Planet 4 The astrophysicist Svetlana Berdyugina is looking for signs of life in the reflected light of distant celestial bodies Despute over a Hero 16 In the 19th and 20th centuries, political programs of all orientations made reference to Napoleon Bonaparte Realistic Route Planner 20 Combining several means of transportation, taking into account traffic jams and personal preferences – what future digital navigation systems will be capable of Creating Competition, Offsetting Disadvantages 12 Greater fiscal autonomy after the Swiss model could help the German states to reduce their debts Changing the Packaging of Genes 8 The biologist Roland Schüle is studying epigenetic processes and searching for new therapies for cancer and other diseases Forensics in the Forest 24 Wildlife ecologists are applying methods from molecular biology to maintain biological diversity and promote conservation Inspired by the Eye 28 The engineer Hans Zappe and his team are developing a new type of lens and aperture inspired by nature Quality Control in the Cell 32 A newly discovered mechanism prevents the cell from producing defective proteins before they collect as waste in the cell Seclusion – Idyllic but Fragile 36 How authors portray their own narrative situation in autobiographical texts – and sometimes experience leisure in doing so 012014