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uni'wissen 02-2015_ENG

Light, Safe, Sustainable 4 Stefan Hiermaier is developing and testing materials for use in cars and airplanes In the Tree Archive 16 Wood allows archaeologists to reconstruct historical environmental conditions and use the results for social history Sensors for Psychology 20 Kristov Van Laerhoven has developed a technical aid to support treatment of patients with bipolar disorders Gardeners for Nerve Cells 12 Microglia keep house in the brain – when damaged, however, they can cause severe diseases The Precarious Look 8 How poverty and social inequality are depicted in contemporary American literature, media, and art Diverse Alliance 24 Jürgen Rüland is studying the example of Southeast Asia to determine how international politics can become more democratic A Penchant for Extremes 28 Sonja-Verena Albers is studying the molecular surface structure of unicellular organisms that live in unusual habitats Letting Patients Have Their Say 32 The website provides valuable information for people with illnesses and their families Surveillance and Its Consequences 36 Why public perception should play an important role in the development of new technologies Contents 02 2015 022015