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uni'wissen 01-2015

Ausgabe 04 | Dezember 2011 Contents European Campus 4 The five universities on the Upper Rhine are consolidating their research strength in a large-scale project Gods, Heroes, Barbarians 8 European literary historians have constructed many different images of the North The Brain Learns How to Ride a Bike 12 The neurobiologist Carsten Mehring is studying how the human brain learns and controls movements “Hey, you want to come along cafeteria?” 16 Vanessa Siegel is studying which words from standard German are left out in teenage slang Searching for Clues in Grave 33 20 Archaeologists and natural scientists are collaborating to explain pivotal cultural changes in the fifth century Competition of Perception 24 The psychologist Karl Christoph Klauer wants to identify the patterns behind prejudices One Fungus, Two Uses 28 How the tree parasite Trametes versicolor can break down pollutants in waste water and produce electricity Research with Consequences 32 Silja Vöneky is studying how ethical standards are written into law in questions of biosecurity A Lesson in Recycling from the Beech 36 Forest ecosystems faced with a phosphorus deficiency in the soil learn how to recycle the nutrient Element with a Hot Temper 40 Fluorine reacts with nearly every other substance – and gives many of them useful new properties Yearly Report 2014: The Numbers Stand for People The positive development of the University of Freiburg cannot be represented by means of numbers alone, because the numbers stand for people and their achievements. All the same, the university would like to give you an idea of these developments in compact form. The detachable yearly report presents data and facts from the past year (1 Oct. 2013  –  30 Sept. 2014). 012015 Special topic: Research in the Upper Rhine region Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Jahresbericht 2014 Mitgezählt VorwortdesRektors EntwicklungderStudierendenzahlen StudierendeundAbsolventen Abschlüsse,Promotionen,Habilitationen The Yearly Report 2014 of the University of Freiburg should be attached to this page. The report is also available on the university website: Searching for Clues in Grave 3320