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uni'wissen 01-2015

UNIVERSITY OF BASEL Founded in 1460 13,200 students 2,800 employees KARLSRUHE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Founded in 1825 24,500 students 9,400 employees E UNIVERSITY OF FREIBURG Founded in 1457 24,800 students 17,500 employees UNIVERSITY OF UPPER ALSACE Founded in 1975 7,800 students 1,100 employees UNIVERSITY OF STRASBOURG Founded in 1621 45,000 students 5,000 employees 5 universities 115,000 students 15,000 lecturers and researchers 11,000 doctoral candidates A total annual budget of 2.3 billion euros 5 research networks 21 ongoing research projects 5 binational doctoral research groups 16 international degree programs Moreover, the “Upper Rhine Trinational Metropolitan Region” includes an additional 50 research institutes and 63 higher education institutions. Universities Research institutes Other higher education institutions DEUTSCHLAND SCHWEIZ Basel Mulhouse Freiburg im Breisgau Colmar Strasbourg Karlsruhe FRANKREICH Illustration: Kathrin Jachmann; Source: Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography, Department of Human Geography, University of Freiburg The European Campus 4 Specialtopic:ResearchintheUpperRhineregion