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Ausgabe 04 | Dezember 2011 Yearly Report 2015: The Numbers Stand for People The positive development of the University of Freiburg cannot be represented by means of numbers alone, because the numbers stand for people and their achievements. All the same, the university would like to give you an idea of these developments in compact form. The detachable yearly report presents data and facts from the past year. Research Small Budget, Great Damage 4 Tim Krieger is studying the financial aspects and consequences of terrorist attacks The Tumor’s Weak Spot 8 Scientists are developing targeted therapies to act on disrupted signaling networks and fight cancer Stars, Waves, Cascades 12 Peter Fischer is using Twitter to analyze how information spreads on social media Unstable Power 16 Andreas Mehler is studying the pitfalls of peace negotiations in Central and West African countries torn by civil war From Flower to Flower 20 Honeybees and many other winged insects play an important role in the pollination of crops Peace and Quiet in the Anxiety Centers 24 Hypnosis and meditation have measurable effects on human brain activity The Dictator’s Echo 28 How the Communist Party of China has dealt with the Maoist era Agents against Parasites 32 Epigenetics could help to improve the treatment of malaria and other tropical diseases The Next Turn 36 A research group is studying how digital humanities is changing scholarship Teaching Learning with Legos 40 Simulations can help improve work and process flow and reveal behavior patterns Don’t Get Distracted 44 Students can observe their own learning process and avoid procrastination Tinkerers and Entrepreneurs 48 The training program Smart-X helps students find out whether they have the stuff to launch their own business 01 2016 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Jahresbericht 2015 Mitgezählt VorwortdesRektors EntwicklungderStudierendenzahlen StudierendeundAbsolventen Abschlüsse,Promotionen,Habilitationen The Yearly Report 2015 of the University of Freiburg should be attached to this page. The report is also available on the university website: