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uni'alumni 2015_ENG

Cover Story The Path to the European Campus 4 The Future European Campus Researcher 7 Eucor – The Upper Rhine University 8 Alumni Network Sabine Rollberg Builds Bridges 10 My Flat: Alexander Heisler 11 Historical Greats: Joseph Wirth 11 Christoph Graf Douglas Loves His Homeland 12 Janina Huhn Is the German Wine Queen 13 The Deutschlandstipendium Helps Students 14 Dunja Khoury Volunteers in Syria 15 Sebastian 23 Brings Literature to the Stage 16 Tales from the Cafeteria: Gesine Heinrich 17 Between the Lines: Uta-Maria Heim 17 Alumni Answer: Studies Plus X 18 University News Ulrich Herbert Analyses Contemporary History 20 Ellen Biesenbach Heads Family Services 21 Juliane Besters-Dilger Promotes Dialogue 22 My Blog: Jürgen Dendorfer 23 Professors of the Past: Wolfgang Gerok 23 Ralf Poscher on Security and Society 24 Continuing Education: FAST 25 University News 26 A Look Back: Popular Culture and Music 28 Survey: Films Associated with the University 29 City Life Günther Klugermann’s Historical Research 30 New Neighborhood with 5,000 Housing Units 31 Pictures: Our Favorite Spots in Freiburg 32 Dear University of Freiburg Alumni, My second term as rector began on 1 October 2014. I am pleased to introduce you to my new team – for the first time ever, our Rectorate is composed of three women and three men. We suc- ceeded in securing the services of three outstanding female col- leagues as new vice presidents: Prof. Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger is responsible for academic affairs, Prof. Dr. Gisela Riescher for research integrity, gender, and diversity, and Prof. Dr. Margit Zacharias for innovation and technology transfer. Vice Rector and Vice President for Research Prof. Dr. Gunther Neuhaus, Head of Administration Dr. Matthias Schenek, and I remain in the new Rectorate in the same positions as previously. What unites this team is our passion and enthusiasm for this university. We will do our utmost to bring this outstanding institution forward and support all members of our university. An important element of our institutional strategy is our alliance with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, which maintains more insti- tutes in Freiburg than in any other German city. Our goal is to establish a joint performance center for sustainability technolo- gies that will serve as a model for other such institutions in Ger- many. Another core element will be an intensification of cooperation in the European Confederation of Universities on the Upper Rhine, EUCOR for short: We want to develop the tri- national Upper Rhine metropolitan region into an outstanding center for science and research in continental Europe. Read about our vision of a European Campus and how we aim to real- ize it in the coming years in this issue’s cover story. Enjoy reading the magazine – and stay in contact! Sincerely, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer Rector of the University of Freiburg CONTENTS Photo:ThomasKunz The Three-Country Professor Dunja Khoury Ralf Poscher Günther Klugermann The new Rectorate of the University of Freiburg (from left): Gunther Neuhaus, Gisela Riescher, Hans-Jochen Schiewer, Juliane Besters- Dilger, Margit Zacharias, Matthias Schenek. Cover Story 3