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Altstadt- Mitte Altstadt- Ring Neuburg Herdern-Süd Herdern-Nord Zähringen Brühl- Güterbahnhof Waldsee Litten Oberau Oberwiehre Mittelwiehre Unterwiehre- Nord Unterwiehre- Süd Stühlinger- Beurbarung Stühlinger- Eschholz Alt- Stühlinger Mooswald- West Mooswald- Ost Betzenhausen- Bischofslinde Alt- Betzenhausen Landwasser Lehen Mundenhof Haslach- Egerten Haslach- Gartenstadt Haslach- Haid Haslach- SchildackerSt. Georgen-Nord St. Georgen- West Dietenbach St. Georgen-Süd Weingarten Rieselfeld Vauban Dietenbach is the favorite, St. Georgen-West the outsider: A decision on the new neigh- borhood is expected in early 2016. Source: Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography, Department of Human Geography, City of Freiburg; Map: Kathrin Jachmann THEATER Vamped Up Venue The “Large House” of the Frei- burg Theater reopened in November 2014: The stage equipment, some of which had been installed in the early years of the theater more than 100 years ago, was modernized, and the building is now wheelchair accessible. In addition, the foyer of the “Small House” was renovated. The work be- gan in 2012. From April to June 2014, performances were held at a tempo- rary venue set up especially for the theater on the grounds of the Ganter Brewery. The city council approved 14.35 million euros in funding for the renovations. ARCHDIOCESE Alumnus Is Archbishop One alumnus of the University of Freiburg succeeds another: Stephan Burger was consecrated bishop by Dr. Robert Zollitsch – and was simulta- neously named Archbishop of Freiburg. Born in 1962, Burger studied philoso- phy and theology in Freiburg and Munich and was ordained as a priest in 1990. In 2007 he took over the court administration of the Archdiocese of Freiburg as vicar general, and on 29 June 2014 he became the 15th arch- bishop of the archdiocese since its founding in 1827. CITY CENTER Texts for Tourism New information plaques for Freiburg’s guests: Around 70 plaques on historical buildings in the city center have been replaced. The texts were updated – and can now also be read in French, English, Italian, and Spanish by means of QR codes. Internet access is not necessary. The texts were written by Peter Kalchthaler, head of the City History Museum and alumnus of the University of Freiburg. The plaques were designed by the Freiburg graphic designer Joseph Pölzelbauer. to consider an alternative by law, the city is also taking a look at St. Georgen- West. If the studies show in the coming months that St. Georgen-West would be much easier and less expensive to develop than Dietenbach, the council will be forced to reassess their plans. But whether they end up deciding on Dieten- bach or St. Georgen-West, it will be quite a while before ground is broken. Claudia Füßler A New Neighborhood for Freiburg LOOKING FORWARD More and more newcomers in the Breisgau, a baby boom, and a higher life-expectancy: Freiburg is growing, and so are the rents. Accord- ing to current predictions, the city will have around 230,000 inhabitants by the year 2026 – 16,000 more than it does now. There is an urgent need for more and affordable housing. Therefore, the city has decided to build a new neigh- borhood with 5,000 housing units. The city council has commissioned a feasibility study for two potential sites: St. Georgen-West, a 163-hectare area actually designated as a green space and landscape conservation area in regional plans, and the 126-hectare large Dietenbach area north of Rieselfeld, which is currently a flood plain. The criteria included in the study for both sites include potential for transportation development, structural aspects, and of course also the interests of the current owners of the land. The final decision on the new neighborhood is expected in early 2016. The city council prefers Dietenbach. Mayor Dr. Dieter Salomon says it would be easier to realize from a political stand- point. However, since the city is required 31City Life uni'alumni 2015