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uni'alumni 2015_ENG

Golden trinity: The Seepark in the Freiburg neighborhood Betzenhausen has been growing little by little since the early 1980s. Today the park measures 35 hectares and is a popular recreational area with its ten hectare large lake. Photo: Patrick Seeger Sea of roofs: Fischerau, a small street in the old town, owes its name to the fishers who used to live there. Along with Gerberau, it formed the core of the so-called Schneckenvorstadt (“snail’s quarter”) in the Middle Ages. Photo: Brigitte Sasse The more than 250-year-old Sickinger Palais shines like a beacon on Salzstraße. Today the building is the home of the Freiburg District Court. Photo: Baschi Bender 33City Life uni'alumni 2015