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Photo:private Photo:MathildeBessert-Nettelbeck “We have organized the Eucor Summer Uni- versity in Environmental Sciences six times since 2004. The students and doctoral can- didates from the five Eucor universities learn about the interplay of society, ecology, and business in environmental issues af- fecting the Upper Rhine region in a ten-day program. In lectures, field trips, and group work, we look for solutions to current prob- lems and explore options for taking action. The topics include risk management, energy systems, waste management, and land use. The discussions go deep into the night: Some problems can be solved from a technological standpoint, but societal barriers that differ from country to country make the solutions difficult to implement. The summer university has become a forum at which new contacts and joint research projects are initiated, a forum that demands great dedication on the part of the organization group and the Eucor coordinators: They helped to overcome the many administrative obstacles. I hope the Eucor universities provide even better support for this forum in the future by cooperating more closely.” Dr. Jens Lange, Hydrology, University of Freiburg “One of the reasons I enrolled in the Eucor degree program Regio Chimica was because of my German-French identity. The first year was held in Mulhouse, the second in Freiburg, and in the third we could choose between one or the other uni- versity. In summer 2013 I earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Freiburg and the University of Upper Alsace – we were the first graduates of the program. My knowledge of the two languages makes it easy for me to work together with German and French classmates. Germans are used to group work from school, but for the French this was challenging at first. I have become more conscious of cultural differences. For example, French and Germans greet each other differently. I’m familiar with kisses on the cheek and handshakes from my childhood, but I learned the importance of respecting such peculiarities. Now I’m starting a master’s program in Environmental Governance at the University of Freiburg. The program has 37 students from 22 countries and different disciplines, so my Eucor experi- ences are more useful than ever before.” Ilja Lange, student of the master’s program “Environmental Governance,” University of Freiburg Photo:MathildeBessert-Nettelbeck ni-- s n-- s y,, f-- y p b-- . y . Photo:private was challeenggingg at c a I h l p p t Bringing Eucor to Life Here is just one example of how the Eucor idea comes to life: The Collegium Beatus Rhenanus (CBR) is a research and teaching network for ancient civilization studies. The CBR was founded in 1997. All ancient civilizations studies depart- ments at the Upper Rhine universities have been members since 2008. The network is named after the humanist Beatus Rhenanus (1485–1547), who stands for the intellectual unity of the Upper Rhine region. The CBR promotes cross-border exchange, joint research, and the development of degree programs, such as a trinational, bilingual master’s program. The Eucor Medal The Eucor medal recognizes outstanding personalities who have rendered great services to the cause of cross-border cooperation in the trinational Upper Rhine region. In the year 2013 the award went to the chemistry Nobel laureate Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Lehn. Previous winners include the publisher Hubert Burda and the artist Tomi Ungerer. Reinventing the Wheel The “Tour Eucor” has been held each year since 1998: Cyclists ride through the five Eucor cities Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Basel, and Mulhouse. Along the way, researchers, students, and ad- ministrative employees discover cultural treasures and natural attractions of the neighboring countries and get the chance to meet colleagues from the other side of the Rhine in a relaxed atmos- phere. Legend has it that joint projects have been conceived on the saddle to be put into practice later at the desk. Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck, Rimma Gerenstein Photo: CBR Photo: Olivier Khotz Photo: Tour EUCOR e.V. 9